Submarine Cable Salvage, Inc.

Submarine Cable Salvage, Inc. is owned and operated by Ocean Networks and is funded through a private investment group with a focus on protecting the environment. The mission of Submarine Cable Salvage, is to help protect the ecosystem of the oceans by repurposing Out of Service (OOS) submarine cable systems. To achieve this, we work with the research & education community to identify and repurpose OOS submarine cable systems for their environmental studies. Utilizing OOS submarine cable systems is a cost effective solution for cabled ocean observatories. The observatories are positioned on the ocean floor and continually gather data in real-time for scientific research. The data collected is used for Ocean Management, Disaster Mitigation (earthquake detection) and Environmental Protection. Repurposing OOS submarine cable systems is a cost effective and green solution for the ocean observatories by reducing the requirement for the manufacturing of new systems.

Our equipment is containerized, shipped and outfitted on a vessel of opportunity (VOO). This process is ideal to manage costs for small cabled ocean observatory projects.

For large projects, we typically charter a purpose built cable ship.

OOS Submarine Cable systems are repurposed for the research and education community since their bandwidth requirements are typically low. This is a very cost effective method for the R&E groups to expand their global network of monitoring our oceans for pollution and disaster mitigation.

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