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Contractor Solutions


Ocean Networks Contractor Solutions places best fit contractors within the Submarine Cable System industry by leveraging our strategic relationships with industry experts to provide the right Contractor Solutions to meet our clients needs.

Marine Managers
Cable Engineers
Transmission Testers
Cable Jointers
Shore-End Eng.
  • Fully insured contractor staffing house with marine management, engineering, testing, jointing and installation experience.
  • All contractors have a minimum +5 years experience with numerous contractors providing over 20 years industry experience.
  • Contractors provide a minimum English speaking.
Client Reps
Client Need
Offshore Based
Ocean Networks
Office Based
Land Based
  • For submarine cable system clients looking to capitalize on our network of experienced quality candidates, Ocean Networks is here to provide solutions to your needs.
  • We work with multiple submarine cable system suppliers and owners to provide a range of contractor solutions across the submarine cable system industry.
  • Our process includes placing contractors based on the needs of our clients. Once a client need is identified, Ocean Networks sources candidates using our vast level of industry contacts to meet the needs of each client.
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