Caribbean Express


Caribbean Express (CX)


Caribbean Express (CX) - is a new build submarine cable system that is being developed by Ocean Networks. The carrier neutral CX system will connect Points of Presence between Boca Raton (Florida) and Corozal (Panama) with branch connections to Mexico and Colombia. In addition, the system will have future connectivity to Guatemala and Costa Rica. The CX system will utilize the latest Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) technology and have 18 fiber pairs at a minimum of 18Tbit per fiber pair.

This strategic system will fill a requirement for the emerging markets of Central America by providing low latency connectivity to the NAP of Americas at Miami (Florida) and the Jacksonville (Florida) NAP. The CX system will be the only system in the Caribbean region that can offer full fiber pairs to the market. The planned Ready for Service date is Q3 2024
Estimated Station to Station Roundtrip Latency -
Boca Raton (Florida) - Corozal (Panama): 29.38ms
Boca Raton (Florida) - Cartagena (Colombia): 29.76ms
Boca Raton (Florida) - Cancun (Mexico): 11.60ms
The planned Ready for Service date is Q2 2024. 
Caribbean Express_System_Map.png