South America Pacific Link, Inc.

South America Pacific Link

South America Pacific Link (SAPL) is a new build submarine cable system being developed by Ocean Networks, Inc. The carrier neutral SAPL system will connect Points of Presence in Naples (Florida), Balboa (Panama), Manta (Ecuador), Valparaiso (Chile) and Oahu (Hawaii). In addition, the system is designed for future connectivity to Peru, northern Chile, the big island of Hawaii and various countries in the Caribbean.
This strategic system will fill a requirement for the emerging markets of Central and South America providing connectivity to the NAP of Americas (Miami, Florida), Asia Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand via Hawaii. Hawaii is a mid-Pacific hub or inter-connect point for many submarine cable systems. SAPL will provide a direct, low latency route to Hawaii and open a previously untapped trans-Pacific market between Central and South America (including diverse routes for Brazil).
SAPL Key Features -


  • Opens new markets - South America to Asia Pacific, Australia, & New Zealand via Hawaii interconnects

  • Lowest trans-Pacific latency for South America (inc. Brazil), Central America and the Caribbean region

  • Connectivity between Hawaii, West Coast of South America, Central America and the US East Coast

  • Diverse path for South America to the US West Coast via Hawaii cross-connects

  • Lowest latency between Panama to NAP of the Americas (Miami)

  • Future-proofed technology

SAPL Key Partner -

  • Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) is a leading subsea cable consulting and advisory firm for telecommunications network solutions. OSI provides full turnkey network development services for subsea fiber optic networks, ranging from commercial and economic feasibility analysis, to the planning, design, implementation and operation of end-to-end components. OSI has completed over 200 subsea network projects across the telecom, oil and gas, and scientific industries in all regions of the world. For more information:

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