Ocean Networks, Inc. was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA (USA). We develop submarine cable systems for governments, carriers, content providers and research & education groups.  We repurposes out-of-service (OOS) cable systems for the ocean science community.  In addition, the company supports the industry with contractor services.

Ocean Networks is a privately held company and currently owns 8,000+ km of submarine cable systems that are being repurposed for ocean science.

Ocean Networks is the parent company of South America Pacific Link, Inc. and Submarine Cable Salvage, Inc.


South America Pacific Link

Submarine Cable Salvage

South America Pacific Link (SAPL) - is a new build submarine cable system being developed by Ocean Networks. 


The carrier neutral SAPL system will connect Points of Presence in Naples (Florida), Balboa (Panama), Manta (Ecuador), Valparaiso (Chile) and Oahu (Hawaii). In addition, the system will have future connectivity to various locations with strategically positioned branching units along the entire route.

The SAPL system utilizes the latest technology and will fulfill a long-standing need for the markets of the US, Central and South America for connectivity to the Asia Pacific region. At Hawaii, the SAPL system will cross-connect to existing systems. Hawaii is a mid-Pacific hub for numerous submarine cable systems.

Submarine Cable Salvage is owned and operated​ by Ocean Networks and is funded through a private investment group with a focus on protecting the environment.

On a global scale, Submarine Cable Salvage repurposes Out Of Service (OOS) submarine cable systems for the Ocean Science community. We identify, procure, survey & test the OOS systems and deploy cabled ocean observatories (sensors) for 

environmental studies and disaster mitigation.

Repurposing OOS submarine cable systems is a
cost effective and environmently friendly solution for ocean observatories.

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